The Domaineers (previously called "Domain-Revival"), a pioneering proof of concept project, has recently acquired the domain

Below, we provide a synopsis of the website, detailing its general setting, activities and offerings. The site was operational mostly between 2006 and 2017.


The website, as captured from the Wayback Machine, provides insights into the life and work of its owner, Leon, who goes by the online alias "FallenRogue." Leon shares his journey from college, where he adopted the pseudonym "FallenRogue" for his online presence, to his professional career as a programmer or developer, with a preference for Agile practices and Test Driven Development.

Leon's platform of choice was Ruby on Rails, although he currently worked with ASP.NET (C#) at a Fortune 500 company. He also mentioned his transition to becoming a Principal Consultant and subsequently joining a core product team for CommunityServer at a consulting firm.

The website offered a glimpse into Leon's personal life, mentioning his small family and hobbies, which included spending time with his family, coding, and playing video games. He humorously hinted at his desire for a Wii gaming console as a birthday gift.

Furthermore, the site indicates Leon's availability for programming projects, with a preference for using Ruby on Rails. He also offered tutorials and mentioned his willingness to provide training, workshops, or consultations upon request.

In terms of legal matters, Leon provided a Creative Commons license for the code shared on the website, while retaining rights to the articles and content. The website's copyright notice spans from 2000 to 2008.

Overall, offered a blend of professional insights, personal anecdotes, and programming resources, showcasing Leon's expertise, interests, and contributions to the programming community.